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In 2012, Lindsay launched the New York chapter of Wish Upon a Wedding, a national non-profit organization which mobilizes the event industry to gift weddings to couples facing a terminal illness or other serious medical challenges. To learn more, visit or visit the Facebook page.


My Story

I am often asked how I got started in the event business, and the truth can be told in one of two ways: After graduating from Penn with a degree in English and Art History, I began working in public relations for the fashion and entertainment industries in New York, so I gained professional event experience through that field and then meandered my way, from 1998 to 2001, from PR events to weddings and social events. It would be misleading, however, for me to attribute my career entirely to my short stint in PR. In sixth grade, I would skip lunch to help the teacher decorate the bulletin boards and in high school I planned a school-wide dance just to have an excuse to go on a date. There is no exact moment in time when I "decided" upon event design as a career or when I started creating events. This is what I have loved to do since I can remember and I count myself extremely fortunate that I can dream up amazing events and bring them to fruition every day.

I am a keen observer of life and I have found that almost all of my design inspiration is generated from my everyday experiences shopping, dining, reading and exploring. Since the inception of my company in 2001, I have taken dozens of courses to help develop my skills across multiple event-related disciplines including floral design, event management, food and wine pairing and spatial planning, but much of what I know has been learned on the job as I pushed myself to conceptualize innovative ways to execute my clients' wishes.

I have no greater source of inspiration, though, than the wonderful men in my life, my husband Mark and my sons Charlie and Max. No matter if I am tweaking lighting in a ballroom in Manhattan or arranging furniture in a tent in India, they are cheering me on and encouraging my creative juices to flow.

Events have been a source of extraordinary joy in my life and I hope to bring my enthusiasm and passion for the work that I love to every event that comes my way, including yours.

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