Creating thoughtful events and transformative environments

Known for the seamless integration of planning, design and production, clients rely on Lindsay Landman Events for a uniquely comprehensive event production experience. Creative Director Lindsay Landman is the driving force behind every event and is supported by a talented team of creatives and logisticians, each with superior attention to detail and a passion for excellence. From weddings and parties to galas and fundraisers, Lindsay Landman Events is a masterful resource for every celebration.

Our Process

The essence of who we are and what we do lies in our process, the way in which we decode your needs and expertly translate them into an exceptionally produced event. We seamlessly move you through a creative and logistical process that allows us to understand you, educate you, advise you, and then WOW you!

1Get to Know You

You are the inspiration for our work, so knowing who you are, what you love and how you want to entertain your guests is the key to our successful collaboration. Do you shop online or spend your weekends scouring SoHo boutiques? Do you love to cook or are you more likely to dine out? Do you prefer adventure travel or lounging by the pool? Every little tidbit is the gold that gives our creative process the initial boost in the right direction.

2Create a Blueprint

The blueprint consists of a detailed budget, a list of priorities and a big picture planning timeline. This is the data that sets the scene for a successful and seamless journey to event day. Parameters take shape throughout the blueprint process, which allows us to make strategic matches for your event that we know will be a fit for your budget and your style.

3Build Your Team

Based on your blueprint, we will work with you to secure the best possible team for your event. That may include a caterer, photographer and band or a fire-eater, glass-blower and gospel choir... whomever you need to have the event you are dreaming of, we utilize our know-how and long-standing relationships to create a "dream team" every time.


This is when it gets really fun! Our design team will work with you to establish color and flower palettes, select vases and furnishings, pick textiles and paper... anything and everything to get the juices flowing to allow us - and you - to see your event in the most innovative way.


To give you the greatest level of comfort about your event design, we will prepare sketches or graphic renderings of all of your major design elements and then, in most cases, create a live sample of these key components so that you can get a true sense of how your event will look and feel.


Once you have given us a "thumbs up" on everything from the music list to the napkin fold, you can sit back and relax while we make it all happen. In the weeks before your event, our team is buying and building and confirming every detail in preparation for a flawless event.


This is what we live for! On event day, we are in our element, managing your dream team, bringing your design to life and supporting your needs so that you can revel in the beauty of a spectacular event.